About Zephyr

Who we are

An entrepreneur and informal investor

As an entrepreneurial informal investor, Zephyr is firmly embedded in society. Involved but down-to-earth. We have an eye for what is going on, what people need and where the future is heading.

That is why we do not only invest in innovative projects and growing companies financially but also share our knowledge and mentorship. We also pay a lot of attention to culture and motivation. In real estate development, we have a preference for socially relevant development, like care housing. And of course, sustainability is always at the forefront. Through this combination of material and immaterial attention, we turn ideas into reality and accelerate initiatives and realize growth.

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Our Value

Our commitment to people and society is the foundation on which we build, whether investing in growth companies or developing socially relevant real estate. And whether in China or in Europe. We always look for the potential, the opportunities that we can turn into success and the positive contribution to the environment. Because we know that everything that gets attention grows.

Because we specialize in investing and development of growing companies on the one hand and developing and managing socially relevant buildings on the other, we can and want to serve anyone within our areas of focus gladly, and optimally. Making them successful is our success.


Zephyr has focus. Whatever we do, we do it excellently. That is the investment in ourselves. We excel in investing in growing companies as well as their development and real estate development & management. We put these specialties to full use in our two focus areas.


As an informal investor, we are always looking for companies that want and can grow and have the potential to have impact.

Real Estate

As a developer and investor, we invest in real estate based on vision. While doing so, we pay particular attention to social and environmental developments.