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Zephyr Real Estate invests in future-proof (medium-priced) rental properties with a focus on senior housing and high-quality healthcare real estate. In doing so, we strive for optimum returns for our own portfolio, our tenants, tenants and society. Our sustainable commitment coincides well with the life span of real estate.

By having a vision of the future, we can formulate and monitor long-term objectives. Only then an investment in real estate will retain its value for decades. That is why our investments are characterized by their contribution to an inclusive, sustainable and livable habitat.

Here are some examples.

About Zephyr Real Estate

There are many ways to look at real estate investment. At Zephyr Real Estate, we do so – like everything else we do – from the standpoint of potential, future-proofing and social impact. After all, buildings stand for a long period and affect the people who inhabit or use them. That is why we not only have an eye for profitability, but also for the contribution to the habitat and, of course, sustainability.

This is how we always prove our core values: only the best for the project, transparency, honesty, feasibility, preventing and avoiding differences. Day after day.

We are curious about your story

The way we work proves to be a good formula, time after time. The way we work proves to be a good formula, time after time. It is always tailored and usually a combination of our competences, that we are happy to share with you. So, feel free to contact us.