Zephyr Capital



What we do as an informal investor for growing companies, we also do for companies that mainly need fine-tuning or a nudge into the right direction.

Whether it concerns strategic thinking, management challenges, international expansion, improving contact with the target audiences or contributing ‘hard knowledge’: we are always ready to help your company to grow further.

Even without investing, we like to roll up our sleeves for you.

About Zephyr Capital

Zephyr Capital is an informal investor, distinguished by its engagement. We do not remain distant, but prove our belief and trust in concepts, initiatives and the people behind them by committing to them and actively participating.

We use our knowledge and experience while doing so to the fullest. By selecting, filtering, making choices and ultimately adding our value. Tangible as well as intangible.

We are curious about your story

The way we work proves to be a good formula, time after time. It is always tailored and usually a combination of our competences, that we are happy to share with you. So, feel free to contact us.